Eating out is scary!

Hello Bloggies,

My 10-month old son Ahmed, is not feeling well today. He’s down with a cold and it has developed into a fever at the moment. Hope he recovers soon. I’m giving him Calpol and lots of cuddles.

Breakfast was a traditional Kerala meal of puttu and kadala. My dad and brother love their puttu with ripe bananas and sugar on the side, I prefer mine savoury. I tend to drown all my food in curry. For example with this puttu, I ended up using a lot more kadala curry than is actually pictured here. I finished my meal with a banana and dipped Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills (only 1 is pictured) into my tea (again, not pictured).


Breakfast didn’t hold me over for long, so I ended up having another meal. Two slices of grilled wheat bread with a slice of Milky Mist Cheese Slice,  1 chopped yummy kiwi, 2 dates and 2 almonds.

DSC_0584 (2)

Because I had TWO breakfasts, I kept lunch on the lighter side. Half a cucumber, 1 apple, 1tsp Low Salt Feta Cheese and Black Olives with a glass of water.

DSC_0587 (2)

Having a light lunch also gave me the excuse to splurge on ‘something sweet’. I had a small piece of chattipathiri and a pancake smeared with Sundrop Honey Roasted Crunchy Peanut butter.

DSC_0589 (2) DSC_0590 (2)

Dinner was a meal out with the whole family and some more. I’m not yet comfortable taking pictures of my food in a restaurant or at public places. Maybe I should start out with my phone camera and then step up to my SLR.

Foodwise, I had a lot of lovely food that included – appam, prawn and coriander dumplings, oriental chicken skewers, fish mango curry, kerala porotta etc. I can’t say I was very good at keeping tab with what I was eating. But being able to control what I’m eating while eating out is a whole uncharted territory for me that is going to need a lot of work.

The only thing that got photographed was my mint lime. It was good, but a tad sugary.


How good are you when it comes to choosing wisely when eating out?


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