Rest Day

Today was my rest day. I didn’t do any exercise. Just spent all day lazing around with my son. Went to my aunt’s flat which is just around the corner from here so Ahmed could get some fresh air.

It’s been a week since I started exercising and I am already feeling less sluggish. I am at quite an unhealthy weight at the moment which makes me generally very sedentary, but controlling my diet and exercise has given me more energy. I am more ready to get out off my bum and go do something!

Dinner today was cucumber sticks, feta cheese, two meat cutlets and Mediterranean style couscous that my brother from England when he came to visit us last month. You won’t be seeing any more couscous for a while now because I can’t find them in any supermarket here in Kozhikode. The couscous was tomato flavoured, so I sauteed an onion, 1/4 cup sweetcorn and half a chopped capsicum which made it more full-bodied meal.

DSC_0706 DSC_0708

Dinner was followed by a fascinating tea, Roobois Creme Caramel anyone? It was like having dessert, without the calories! 😀


Do you like flavoured teas?


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