Health Drinks?

I’d like to start the day by thanking Basim and Najeedah for every now and then popping here. I’m not yet ready to tell the world about this little space. I’m trying to see how regular I can keep up with this before I put it on any other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc). Najeedah thanks for your message and suggestions, I’ll definitely incorporate more recipes on the way πŸ™‚

Moving on, how many of you’ll like flavoured drinks – boost, bournvita, horlicks etc? Before marriage I used to be a regular tea person and an occasional coffee drinker (during essay deadlines :|). The Husband is big on Horlicks, he believes it is an energy booster. Reluctant as I was to try it, I gave it a go and found it not bad. At the moment, there is a bottle of Ovaltine in my house. I don’t know who bought/brought it here, but the price tag on the bottle is Qatari Riyal, so it could be a Gulf product.


Ovaltine contains barley-malt extract, sugar, buttermilk powder, glucose, cocoa powder amidst a load of other things. Generally, I follow the rule of: Be ware of packaged products that contain too many ingredients and numbers on the label. And I believe these drinks fall into that category for me. So, I don’t have them on a daily basis, just occasionally. I take my ovaltine with no added sugar – which is the typical Indian, i.e., loading these drinks that already contain sugar with more sugarΒ πŸ˜•


I shudder to write this next paragragh. It’s about one of my big weaknesses. Ice cream. Although I have to admit I’m very picky about my icecream. I don’t eat anything and everything. I like my ice cream to be hard. I like to EAT icecream, not lick it. And I’m a sucker for Honey Nut Crunch from Baskin Robbins. I can eat this tub in a day, I’ve tried eating them in one sitting but that made me sick (Thank God!). But I can easily space it out and consume the whole thing in a day 😳


My downfall today was this, luckily there was only half a tub!

FYI: I never stock ice cream in my fridge, I know better than that. But my mother loves to buy them and stock them. This one, she claims she bought for my brother. But since my brother went back to England, it all went down my throat. We’ve had a good talk now and she has promised she won’t buy them any more. We’ll see.


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