More Healthy Lunches

Hello there!

Lunch today was a simple affair. Another salad/brown rice combination.

I’ve also got better with my exercise. I did 20 minutes from my Davina DVD today. I can jog for 8 minutes with little breaks in between of course and do the elliptical for 11 minutes.



I had quite a few items piled on this plate:

– Bed of lettuce

– 1/4 cup brown rice (navara ari)

– Cucumber sticks

– Carrot sticks

– A blob of feta

– Fresh Dates

– Spinach stir fried with garlic and freshly grated coconut

– 4 chopped almond (for the crrrunnch!)




I didn’t really crave anything sweet after lunch. But come 4pm, I smelled cake. Junaisa made a cake using a pressure cooker. Dates and Almond cake. I started with a slice and went on to have many more 😳




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