Lunch and Dinner

Hello friends,

I’ve been a bit erratic with my posting. I had intended to post everyday, but something or the other comes up. Living in a joint family, having a 10 month old, cooking, exercising all needs time. And to top it all, my allergy! I still haven’t found the source or the trigger. it’s very frustrating. I keep breaking into a rash and I end up taking an antihistamine. The medicine works for around 24 hours, and then when I eat whatever it is that is triggering this rezction, my itching starts. I meant to go an a dairy-free diet. But is SO HARD! Yesterday I ended up taking a sip out of my husband’s tea and a spoon of his oatmeal, both of which contained milk 😦

Here is a recap of my lunch and dinner:


Lunch was:

– A bed of iceberg lettuce

– 1/4 cup brown rice

– Green peas masala

– Cucumber sticks

– Feta cheese

– Fresh dates

– A tbsp of chopped pistachios


As you can see, dinner was very similar. I has leftover Green Peas Masala. The only difference was I had cucumber slices and pumpkin seeds!




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