Almond Pudding

I can’t say the day is going great, but it’s still much better than yesterday when I had six, yes six packets cheesy doritos. Breakfast was 2 aloo parathas with yoghurt and pickle and cup of coffee with milk and more sugar than I wanted.

I made Almond Puddings from Salkkaaram. I was in a bit of a creative mood and decided to pour the pudding into individual bowls and gave them personalised toppings that included sprinkle, dried fruit and nuts.

DSC_1366 2

This one had dried grapes and a mint leaf 🙂

almond pudding

And this one had dried figs.


Can you spot the blurred coconut trees I can see from my kitchen on the sixth floor?


I had so much fun decorating them, though I must say peeling a cup of blanched almonds was not my favourite part.  Everyone gave a positive feedback, even little Ahmed, who  is usually very hard to please.


Lunch was pretty decent, 2 idlis with sambar, carrot and split pea (chana dal) stir fry and an organic fried egg.


Have you ever had almond pudding?


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