Happy Vishu!

i Happy Vishu! Vishu celebrates the first day of the Malayalam calendar and this was my vishukani as done up by my neighbour. In Kerala, Vishu is a big celebration with new clothes and firecrackers. Here’s a recap of my breakfast from yesterday: Quick oats cooked in milk and water with a chopped dried fig and topped with sliced strawberries, peanut butter and honey. DSC_1588 Lunch was 1/2 cup of navara (Brown rice), kaachil (similar to yam?), potato bhaji, green pepper and coconut fried prawns. The prawns were excellent! I also had a small plate of papaya as dessert. DSC_1584 I usually make a safe ride up to lunch and then it goes downhill from there. I baked a Rich Almond Cake yesterday, my first attempt at using almond flour in a recipe. Because I have never seen almond flour here in Calicut, I just ground almonds in a grinder. It was fine. Ahmed has a running nose and a cough. He was even running a temperature during the daytime. He’s cranky and clingy. I think he’s very irritated with a blocked nose and doesn’t understand why he’s feeling so ill. Poor fellow 😦 The following pictures are actually from a while back: DSC_1593   Ahmed playing with his Hippo.   DSC_1605   He can say Ippo! DSC_1601   I am running behind him with a tissue at the moment. Hope he gets better soon.


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