Small Changes

My weight at the weighing machine in the gym: 72.9kgs

My weight whenI got discharged after Ahmed’s delivery: 78kgs

My weight before I got pregnant: 62 kgs.

There is progress, even if it’s at snails pace. My problem has always been FOOD. I love food! Don’t we all? And I face emotional problems by filling it with cookies and pasta and cheese.


A recap of yesterday’s eats. Breakfast was oatmeal with strawberries and chopped walnuts. I have ran out of walnuts, couldn’t find it in two Dried Fruits and Nuts shop here, so will have to ask my dad to get me some when he comes to visit us from the Middle East.


Lunch was very good and satisfying. I made:

Sailu’s Sprouted Salad,  green gram sprouts and replaced the boiled corn with pomegranate seeds and a dried apricot. The dried apricot took the salad to another level.

– Romaine Lettuce

– Yellow Pepper

– Baked Sweet Potatoes

– A dab of Feta


This is a card I made for my neighbour’s son 28th day which is a usually celebrated in the Malayali Hindu customs.


And finally here is dear Ahmed who pulled out a pair of socks from his drawers and said he wanted to walk around in them.


He hates his cough medicine. I use a syringe and physically restrain him and shove the medicine down his throat. It is a task.


His expression 🙂


Workout: Rest Day (I got my periods and just did not feel like working out)



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